Book Elves Are Coming!


Elves in June? Yup… We are launching Book Elves in June. The elves are here to help you get your message out to the world! If you have always dreamed of writing a book, then you have to be at the launch party in June. Stay tuned for more details!

Where have I been?

I realized I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts because of my new business offering launching in June. Anyone who has ever launched a business or embarked on a new business venture knows all the millions of things that go along with it. Or maybe you just decided to wing it. Whichever the case may be, I thought I would share with you my journey as it happens. Maybe you can learn something from my mistakes, or teach me a thing or two that I haven’t thought of myself. Feel free to comment and walk with me through this journey. Then join me for the big launch in June.

It all started when I was having lunch with a dear networking friend, Brad Closson. I met him several months back and knew this was someone I need to get to know. He has a natural ability to see what you couldn’t, even though it was right in front of your face. He owns a strategic consulting firm, Connective Management, and works with another consultant I would soon meet, Mike Leamon. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The conversation went something like this…

Brad – You know what you need to do?

Trish – No, what do I need to do?

Brad – You need to offer support services to people who want to write and self-publish their own book.

Trish – Really? Like what kind of services?

Brad – Well, Time Salvation already offers administrative services. You could become the expert on self-publishing. Offer editing services, transcription services. You already do event planning, so you could easily plan a book signing event or launch party. There’s a hundred different things writers need when writing a book.


So, I thought about it over the holidays. You know how something just gets in your brain and you can’t get it out. Brad’s a great seed planter. I talked with anyone I could about it.  Asking opinions, trying to get feedback, trying to just understand how this would work. After I returned from my vacation in the exotic destination of Indiana, I realized for this to work I was going to need some help. I emailed Brad and asked him to help me plan out the launch of this new business offering.

I worked with Brad and Mike over three sessions. We used their war room principles to hash out the three things I felt I needed to get started: a price list with details of services, a task list for the launch, and the marketing plan for the launch. Each meeting was only an hour and a half, but we were able to bring it all together in the last meeting to give me my full plan.

Next Step… Pilots