Book Elves Are Coming!


Elves in June? Yup… We are launching Book Elves in June. The elves are here to help you get your message out to the world! If you have always dreamed of writing a book, then you have to be at the launch party in June. Stay tuned for more details!

Where have I been?

I realized I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts because of my new business offering launching in June. Anyone who has ever launched a business or embarked on a new business venture knows all the millions of things that go along with it. Or maybe you just decided to wing it. Whichever the case may be, I thought I would share with you my journey as it happens. Maybe you can learn something from my mistakes, or teach me a thing or two that I haven’t thought of myself. Feel free to comment and walk with me through this journey. Then join me for the big launch in June.

It all started when I was having lunch with a dear networking friend, Brad Closson. I met him several months back and knew this was someone I need to get to know. He has a natural ability to see what you couldn’t, even though it was right in front of your face. He owns a strategic consulting firm, Connective Management, and works with another consultant I would soon meet, Mike Leamon. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The conversation went something like this…

Brad – You know what you need to do?

Trish – No, what do I need to do?

Brad – You need to offer support services to people who want to write and self-publish their own book.

Trish – Really? Like what kind of services?

Brad – Well, Time Salvation already offers administrative services. You could become the expert on self-publishing. Offer editing services, transcription services. You already do event planning, so you could easily plan a book signing event or launch party. There’s a hundred different things writers need when writing a book.


So, I thought about it over the holidays. You know how something just gets in your brain and you can’t get it out. Brad’s a great seed planter. I talked with anyone I could about it.  Asking opinions, trying to get feedback, trying to just understand how this would work. After I returned from my vacation in the exotic destination of Indiana, I realized for this to work I was going to need some help. I emailed Brad and asked him to help me plan out the launch of this new business offering.

I worked with Brad and Mike over three sessions. We used their war room principles to hash out the three things I felt I needed to get started: a price list with details of services, a task list for the launch, and the marketing plan for the launch. Each meeting was only an hour and a half, but we were able to bring it all together in the last meeting to give me my full plan.

Next Step… Pilots

12 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Clients – Buy Local

Are you struggling with what to get your clients this year? Want something unique? Would you like to shop local? We have put together twelve suggestions for some local gifts that you can send to your clients to tell them how much you appreciate their business throughout the year.

12. Shibber D’lites - Sherry Moore makes the most awesome cheese balls you can imagine in three different flavors. Original (garlic flavor), Roasted Red Pepper, and Apricot Cayenne. My favorite is the original and I can eat an entire 8 oz. ball by myself. I have been told the Apricot Cayenne is the best seller though. They are all good and starting at $12 for the 8 oz. ball, they are an affordable gift for all your clients. Contact Sherry today to see what other gift options she has available, 512-586-4244 or

11. Zhi Tea – Give the gift of a warm cup of tea. Not only is it soothing and comforting, but organic too. For the Christmas season they even have special “Hill Country” blends, like Gruene Tea (jasmine green), Longhorn Limited (desert blend), Texas Breakfast (black tea blend), and Hill Country Nights (restful blend). Put together a custom gift basket or try the Tea Lover’s gift basket with a teapot included. Whatever your tea gift needs may be, I am sure you will find it here. Decorative tins of single sachets start at $9.95 and the gift baskets start at $35. Check out Zhi Tea for your clients who could use a nice, hot cup of tea.

10. Delysia Chocolates – Nicole Patel is a whiz with chocolate. Her products include handmade chocolate truffles, personalized solid chocolates, molded chocolate menus, and chocolate bride & groom cake crowns. However, during the holidays you can get the winter collection of truffles with three holiday flavors: mint chocolate, eggnog, and gingerbread. You can also gift a bag of her flavored chocolate bark. I love the chocolate peppermint bark. You can gift a bag of bark for as little as $5 or the winter collection of truffles for just $20. Great gift for anyone, but especially those female clients. Don’t deny it, you know you would love to have a gift of chocolate.

9. Austin Custom Winery – I love this idea!!! Get your own bottle of wine delivered to your clients with your custom label. Send with a special note or just your logo. Whichever way you decide to go, your clients will be impressed with the thought you put into having a special bottle of wine just for them. If you had more time, you could even make your own blend. For now, choose your favorite and have a special label applied just for you. Add a couple of custom wine glasses and corkscrew and you have yourself a fabulous client gift. You can find a nice bottle of wine for around $15 and a label for $1 after the initial $10 set up fee. Talk to Mary Charron about all your gift giving options, 512-394-0600 or visit their website

8. Chocbite – Moving from custom wine labels to custom chocolate. Have you ever been disappointed because you can’t find the chocolate treat with all the ingredients you want? Now you can design your own chocolate bar. Buy a special creation for your client or a gift certificate so they can design their own. Either way, it is a great gift.I am telling you, I gotta try the spicy blend with pop rocks, pistachios, and Sriracha. Wow!  And don’t worry about the bite taken out of each bar… It’s designed that way. Talk to Adeline the Chief Chocolate Lover to see what you can do to fit your clients needs. 512-775-7111  or

7. Bobalu Cigar Company – I know it seems I have weighted this towards the women, but here’s is one for the men. FREE custom labels. FREE setup. FREE artwork customized with your name or logo with any cigar box purchase ($75.00/up). Their Best Deal. Check out the great video on how they hand-roll their cigars Contact Jeff @ 512-469-5877.

6. Independence Brewery – Build a six-pack at Central Market and support Independence Brewery. You can mix and match and get exactly what you think your clients might like. Add a bow and what else do you need?

5. Austin’s Fairy Godmother Foundation – It’s always a nice thing to give in your client’s name. Pick a charity that you would like to support and just make the donation. However, if you are looking for a local charity that helps young women feel like a fairy princess, then you have to talk to Keri at the Fairy Godmother Foundation. She has been helping girls and women for years dress like a princess, even if they may not be as rich as a princess. Right now they are trying to find a new location for the palace. You can be a part of that and pass it on to your clients. Call Keri 512-507-6364 @ or find more information on their website

4. Stuffed Cajun Meats – How about a Turducken? It’s 3 gifts in one, a turkey, a duck, & a chicken, plus a bonus gift of cajun spiced dressing. Or you can find a gift basket starting at $35. Talk to Kurt, he’ll help you figure out that perfect gift for your client.

3. Austin Toros – How about something for those sports enthusiasts? You can get individual tickets for as low as $5 or purchase season tickets and give them out throughout the year, for as little as $96. GO TOROS!!!! Contact Allen Schlesinger for more information 512-236-8333.

2. Austin Tranquility Massage - Who wouldn’t want a massage? But with Austin Tranquility, you can give a massage and a facial. Or get the corporate chair massage deal for your employees. Either way, you are sure to be a winner! Ashley has a great new place up in Cedar Park where your clients can relax and take a load off. I think I might get one of these packages for myself. Contact Ashley 512-940-2108 or

1. Time SalvationGive your clients the gift of TIME. You can pre-purchase hours to give to your clients their very own assistant. Not that we want to toot our own horn, but TOOT TOOT! People just don’t have enough time in their day to get done all the little things they want to do, so you can give them a couple of hours back. Packages start at $25. The more hours you purchase, the better the deal you get. Contact Trish Lee to find out more. 512-297-4602 or

I hope this gives you enough ideas. If not, give us a call. We can help you select the perfect gift and make the purchases for you.
Happy Holidays!!!

Holiday Cards by Time Salvation

Are you sending out Holiday cards to your clients this year?

Digital or hard copy, Time Salvation can save you time and money by helping you get your Season’s Greetings out in a timely manner. And you don’t have to worry about the headaches of postage or addressing…

Gives us a call to see how we can help you extend your good cheer to all your clients and potential clients. HO! HO! HO!

Business Card Management & Newsletter Service

Do you have stacks and stacks of business cards in, on, around your desk? Are they cluttering up your briefcase?

Do you have a “plan” for those business cards?


If you don’t have a plan, or think you will never get around to that plan, Time Salvation offers a three-step solution for dealing with those business cards. It’s simple as 1, 2, 3.


1. Turn over all those business cards to Time Salvation


2. Time Salvation transforms the fire hazard into digital contacts


3. Time Salvation uses those contacts to send out your personalized newsletter.


 So what are you waiting for? Put those cards to good use. Take advantage of that untapped resource. Expand your online presence & brand recognition. Packages starting at $89.95, or ask for our a la carte pricing.


 Send email to or just call 512-297-4602

What can Time Salvation do for YOU?

Time Salvation has wide array of services to offer you. We have built a diverse team of professionals ready to handle whatever your small business or professional needs may be.

The best way to answer the question is to ask what you would have your assistant do for you?


Our team members are trained to handle the administrative and project management needs of your company in only the time necessary. No need for W-2′s or finding a group insurance plan. We work by the hour and provide quality work in minimal time.

Call for a free consultation to find out how we can best serve you… 512-297-4602


Why Time Salvation?

Time Salvation saves you money, time, and your sanity by providing services that a full-time assistant can provide, but only for the time you need. Click above to watch the video.


iPad Application Reviews

Scale with stack of moneySo far, I have been extremely disappointed with the applications available on iPad to help you track when your bills are due and to budget your income. I have tried a few of the free applications to see what they were all about before purchasing the full application, as well as reading dozens of descriptions for the applications. Here is what I have found:

Free applications:

1. Home Budget Lite w/Sync (Free) – I am not impressed with this application. When you open the application, you have different categories to enter items into. There is an expense category as well as a bills category. It doesn’t really explain the difference between the two, but I am guessing your bills are paid out to the same people each month. The budget is set up with some prepared categories which is nice. However, you can not set up recurring bills, expenses or income. Too much work to make this application run correctly. I wouldn’t give it more than two stars. If you want to put the work into it, the reporting seems to be helpful.

2. Pocket Expense Lite (Free) – This is a good program for inputting your many different accounts and bills that you have due. It allows you to enter bills due with a reminder that will pop up on your iPad, even allowing you to specify how far before the bill is due the reminder will be sent. You can set up several different types of accounts such as: asset, cash, checking, savings, credit card, investment account, loan, & debt card. When you open a new account you enter your starting balance and then enter transactions to update the information. You can set up your own categories for bills and set up budgets for each of the categories. Overall it appears to be a good little app. I have yet to find out what the difference is between this and the full version though. On the negative side, everything has to be entered manually. This means a lot of upfront work, and a lot of ongoing work if you have numerous entries for your checking account and want to maintain accuracy. This could be improved upon significantly with a syncing option that allowed you to sync with your accounts available online.

3. Budgets for iPad by iBear LLC (Free) – This is strictly a budget tool, no bill reminders. Plus, this is just my opinion, but the graphics are annoying to me. They call it “future-oriented design”. No-go for me, but maybe it will work for you.

Non-Free Applications

1. Budget Touch ($5.99) – This application works on its own, or in cooperation with the Budget for Mac or Windows application from Snowmint. It is based on the budget method using envelopes. Virtual envelopes instead of paper envelopes. I have not tried this application, since it does not have bill reminders (one of the main features I was looking for) and there would be quite a bit of upfront and ongoing work to update the budget accounts. This really appears to just be a budgeting tool. If that is what you are looking for, then it might work great for you.

2. Bills for iPad by iBear LLC ($3.99) – I was not willing to pay for this application before I reviewed all the other options, so I have not actually used this application. Based on the descriptions and reviews, here is what I have gathered. You can set your budget for different categories and then enter the transactions once the bills are paid. Your transactions are scheduled on a calendar and are transferred to the budget once you have approved them. It does not appear to have reminders, based on what I could see, although it does show overdue, planned, & paid bills on your calendar in different colors. If you do not need pop-up reminders to pay your bills, this may work for you. The graphics are nice and based on the screenshots, the input is easy. If you try this, let me know what you think.

3. Money for iPad by iBear LLC ($9.99) – This is the big brother application for Bills for iPad. This is more than just a budgeting tool or bill reminder. Although it apparently does both. According to the description, it manages your bills, has a bill reminder, tracks several accounts (credit cards, checking, savings, assets, & liabilities), and has the ability to import OFX information from your bank accounts. I don’t see anything to track your investment accounts, unless you set it up as an asset. Overall it looks like a good application, but at $10, I am not sure I am ready to make that decision.

There are many other applications out there. Most of them more simplistic than these and so they did not fall within my parameters. I am a very graphic-oriented person, so I gravitated towards the apps that were pretty :)

Would be glad to hear if you have any comments or suggestions on these reviews.

The Business Location Grand Opening

Well, I am finally getting around to posting about the Grand Opening I planned for The Business Location. As you can see by the pictures, we all had a great time dressing up in the photo booth provided by D-S Photography. We also had tons of Mexican food and some delish cheese balls from Shibber Delites. The Business Location opened in December 2010, but we held the Grand Opening in January 2011. For those who have not visited the site, it is a networking hot spot where you can go to have your one-to-one meetings or reserve the conference room for your seminars/workshops. They also have an office to rent by the hour, as well as the offices they rent out for permanent workspace. So check it out and talk to Donna Thomas about becoming a member.

Operation Green Santa 2010

Working with Military Moms of Texas is such a joy for me. In October, I was asked to help with the first Operation Green Santa event and I was glad to do what I could to thank our troops for their service. The event was a complete success with several music groups providing the entertainment, headlined by Dunville. The silent auction was able to raise additional money for the care packages, including a football signed by Mac Brown. Kiddie rides and BBQ were enjoyed by over 500 people. It was such a success that everyone is looking forward to Operation Green Santa 2011.