Case Study: Grand Launch Party


Big Ideas… Big Plans

When faced with a client with big ideas on how she wanted to present her women-helping-women company to the world, I was faced with even bigger plans ahead of me. We started with an idea of providing a day of local women performers, a banquet of food, and an art auction that would give back to the local artist community, as well as provide for another local charity. As if this was not a big enough project to work on, during the early planning stages we decided we would sell vendor booths to help defray the party costs.

We began in May with weekly planning sessions. We worked on getting sponsors and donations for door prizes. Discussing with a local distributor to develop a recipe for a custom drink that would be debuted at the party. Trish Beach Marketing was brought in to help get the word out through local media and online social networking. All the details were coming together.

In early September, the day came for the event. The months of planning could be seen at the tables of food, in the 25 vendor booths, at the silent art auction, and heard in the four musical acts. The new drink was a hit. With more than 200 people attending the event, the success was not just for my client, but for the women’s charity that received a portion of the proceeds. Her plans had come full circle and her goal of women helping women was showcased in her launch party from beginning to end.

Case Study: Organizing the Organizer

 Have you ever heard the phrase… The cobbler’s children have no shoes? This was the case when I met a home organizer at a networking meeting. She was a whiz in someone else’s house, but she was desperate to do something about her office. With her busy schedule, she was never able to get around to her office.

We worked our way around the office. Clearing out what wasn’t needed. Rearranging the furniture to open up the office and create a more usable space. This initial reorganization was achieved over a few visits, but the continual organization is ongoing. Once the physical environment was in order, it now only took a weekly maintenance visit to open mail, pay bills, and keep up the filing for receipts and other pertinent information.

This new organization has allowed my client the freedom to meet with new clients, take on more projects, and stay on top of her billing and receivables. On more than one occasion, she has expressed her gratitude for the time and money she has saved, not to mention her sanity.

Case Study: Resume Review

In 2009, the market was in a decline. Unemployment was up, which meant competition for any position was high. Time Salvation was approached by a new engineering firm that was actually expanding in this down economy by hiring another engineer and CAD draftsman. Upon placing the ad for these positions on, the firm received nearly 300 resumes in a week.

Typically, an engineer will receive approximately $150-200/hour for their time. The principals in an engineering firm are not usually versed in  the human resources aspect of hiring an employee, so the review of the resumes and evaluation of this many applications would have taken them 20-30 hours. If the engineering firm had completed this one-time project on their own, it would have cost them $3,000-6,000 in their time spent away from working on projects or procuring new clients.

Time Salvation was able to complete this project in 16 hours @ a rate of $35/hour, for a total of $560. This saved the engineering firm $2,440-5,440 and 20-30 hours of their time (typically off hours).