Where have I been?

I realized I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts because of my new business offering launching in June. Anyone who has ever launched a business or embarked on a new business venture knows all the millions of things that go along with it. Or maybe you just decided to wing it. Whichever the case may be, I thought I would share with you my journey as it happens. Maybe you can learn something from my mistakes, or teach me a thing or two that I haven’t thought of myself. Feel free to comment and walk with me through this journey. Then join me for the big launch in June.

It all started when I was having lunch with a dear networking friend, Brad Closson. I met him several months back and knew this was someone I need to get to know. He has a natural ability to see what you couldn’t, even though it was right in front of your face. He owns a strategic consulting firm, Connective Management, and works with another consultant I would soon meet, Mike Leamon. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The conversation went something like this…

Brad – You know what you need to do?

Trish – No, what do I need to do?

Brad – You need to offer support services to people who want to write and self-publish their own book.

Trish – Really? Like what kind of services?

Brad – Well, Time Salvation already offers administrative services. You could become the expert on self-publishing. Offer editing services, transcription services. You already do event planning, so you could easily plan a book signing event or launch party. There’s a hundred different things writers need when writing a book.


So, I thought about it over the holidays. You know how something just gets in your brain and you can’t get it out. Brad’s a great seed planter. I talked with anyone I could about it.  Asking opinions, trying to get feedback, trying to just understand how this would work. After I returned from my vacation in the exotic destination of Indiana, I realized for this to work I was going to need some help. I emailed Brad and asked him to help me plan out the launch of this new business offering.

I worked with Brad and Mike over three sessions. We used their war room principles to hash out the three things I felt I needed to get started: a price list with details of services, a task list for the launch, and the marketing plan for the launch. Each meeting was only an hour and a half, but we were able to bring it all together in the last meeting to give me my full plan.

Next Step… Pilots